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gimme a sec

« JV » "I've actually stopped reading your blog..."

ok, I know I've lasped with the blogging. call me unmotivated... call me busy. I have a life. shoot me.

But yes, I will return to it soon. Right now I'm working on a motion graphics piece to create a fantasy world for my website. I spend hundreds of hours painting various levels of a fantasy forest, 5 tableaus with trees, meadows, a castle, glades, skies, etc... for the beginning credit sequence for "NEVERDONE" and it NEVERGOT used.

so fuck it. I'm using it!

Basically, fuck tradition, I'm making a 3D fantasy land for my website wherein the viewer will navigate from area to area through road signs. Yeah, like Myst. Fuck you. I can be original if I wanna be... I just don't wanna be.

But now the file is 3Gb and many, many layers.

AfterEffects, here I come! *(now I have to paint characters to populate it)

Then it's into Flash.

Why can't I do anything the easy way?

Until then: here: go to hell


  • Yeah!!!! You're back! And you see...I'm reading you again!

    By Anonymous Dutchimport, at 9:19 AM  

  • @,

    Hell.com is an intersting site. 3D?

    Is Hell your creation?

    Can Hell be worth a $50.00 enrollement fee and an $10.00 a month subscription charge?

    What is the price of redemption?

    j i m m y

    By Blogger j i m m y, at 7:03 PM  

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