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Random News #59821

As some of you know, I've been wanting to get a full-time job wherein I do not have to strip on the corporate pole just to get another freelance gig.

Well, today I just signed a contract with the company that I've been working with, here in Phoenix *(actually Scottsdale) to be the Director of New Media for an annual sum that I'm very, VERY happy with.

So, that's a SHITLOAD of stress off. Knowing how much I'll get every month is something that I've been wanting for years, so that I can create an actual budget rather than just guessing. Maybe it's a "30's" thing, but I want to be able to set cash aside for things like:

1) a life

2) luxuries

3) travel

4) food

5) a new car

6) equity *(ie: a condo or house)

7) old age

On another note, I got a call from my father the other day urging me to come visit my grandfather before he totally forgets who I am. Ever since my grandparents checked themselves into an assisted living community, they have lost the will to keep going and are declining rather rapidly.

I don't quite know how I feel about this. I feel like it should make me sadder than it does, but it doesn't come as a shock at all since this has been going on for years. Though I love them, they are not really that close of a part of my life and the majority of my sadness comes from watching my parents having to go through the process of caring for THEIR parents...

I think I kind of saw all this coming when they checked into the home... I hate convelescent homes... I mean, they should call them "Assisted Living Hotels" because everyone knows that is where you go when you want to give up.

I think I prepared myself for this already. But still, I feel like I should hurt more.


  • Wow, can you afford a Prius??? Awesome!

    By Anonymous Dutchimport, at 11:06 AM  

  • Prius is pretty cheap... On toyota.com, they have a "price out your car" feature. It starts at 21K and maxes out at 29K with ALL THE OPTIONS. If I can save up a decent down, then my payments for only 3 - 4 years are about $600 - which is high, but I can pay it off with not too much trouble.

    By Blogger M@, at 9:45 AM  

  • M@,

    Get a roadster!

    Prius is "assisted living" dull!

    Further more, the mpg on the window label is overstated. If you use the air conditioning, mpg = to a standard Toyota. Aren't you in Arizona?

    Overpriced golf cart + overpriced Toyota = Hybrid.

    Leverage your budget for some real excitement.

    If you want to make a political statment wear a ribbon or buy a bumper sticker not a car.

    j i m m y

    By Blogger j i m m y, at 9:03 PM  

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