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I think this qualifies as a QUADRUPLE Standard

We're beyond double standards now.

Two families sue school system after reading book promoting free choice, equality, understanding and acceptance to 7-year olds.

Screw the aspect of prepping them for the world to come.

What pisses me off is that they are citing the rule that parents have to be notified of any sex-ed books read in class... BUT THIS IS NOT A SEX ED BOOK! This is just a book about a king who realizes that he doesn't care for the standard "queens". *(pun in there somewhere)

I am frankly damn sick and tired of people assuming that homosexuality is all about sex - and nothing more. I am personally very proud of the love that I share - a love that would exist even one of us was crippled in an accident and lost the use of anything south of the clavicle. The viewpoint these parents are expressing is the same viewpoint my parents express and I hope are starting to see through.

But while I allow others to have their viewpoints, I have a hard time dealing with stupidity. Double standards are stupid. If homosexuality is all about sex then HETEROsexuality is all about sex. You cannot call black a colour, but not white.

I can see from the parents' viewpoints that they don't want the school negating any of the bigotry they've worked so hard to instill in their children, but why is no one arguing the sheer stupidity of their legal argument? If they cite this book - which contains no reference to any bodily contact at all - and is frankly on par with it's audience's desire to play on the playground in gender-segregated groups, as being SEX EDUCATION, then why do they not have to cite "Snow White" as sex ed? For god's sake- it's a woman living with seven men, she dies, they keep her around until a guy who wants to kiss the dead princess comes along. Or Batman? He wears a cape and keeps a boy in a cave? And does no one point out the fact that both Snow White, Cinderella AND Sleeping Beauty are all married to Prince Charming *(who I assume is a Mormon with some necrophilic tendancies)

Plain and simple: if you want to control your child's mind and make them believe what you believe, then go through the trouble of home-schooling them. It works for the KKK and dammit - it works for Christians too!


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