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Orders of Chivalry

"women are adopting "an à la carte approach to women's rights and civil equality."

While I agree with this, I think this article - interesting though it is - is somewhat off base.  Granted, it's written by a woman.

But honestly;  I DO have a problem with the fact that I have been rebuffed for opening a door for a woman and then rebuffed for NOT opening the door for a woman.  Make up your mind!

No matter what you say, over the last 40 years, women have complained that chivalry is an insult - but then also complained that the lack of it is an affront.  

My resonse to this article and to this issue is as such:  I don't owe the opposing gender anything as I have not taken anything.  If I open the door for you, I damn well expect you to do the same for me - not out of chivalry but out of humanitarian expectation.  We are people.  End of story.  

If you aren't chivalrous to me, I refuse to be expected to be chivalrous to your rude ass.  

I tend to rally against expectation - and this is no exception.  Don't expect anything from me and if you do - you better be prepared to give what you get. 

But beyond that, I think chivalry is an improper concept. It promotes the idea of kindness to one, but not the other. We should be gracious and kind to people because they are people - not just because they are a woman.

... unless it was always a way to try and get some pussy. huh... I never thought about it that way. In that light, "holding the door open" is a potent metaphor.


  • eeeeew...fuckin' eeeeeew...did you have to go and use the "p" word? *I just threw up in my mouth* brb.

    By Blogger Jake Johnston, at 2:10 PM  

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